We Need Balance!


Why We Need Balance

There is an abundance of beauty and wonder in our world, yet we risk losing it all because we are not good stewards of our planet or ourselves.  Our cultural priorities emphasize one set of values at the expense of another creating an out of balance situation that has lead to almost constant war, poverty, inequality, and a lack of environmental sustainability on Earth.

All of the dominant cultures on our planet are patriarchies, as are the religions to which 53% of our Earth’s people belong.  By definition, patriarchies give an unequal amount of power to men and the masculine principle.  Women are still second class citizens in varying degrees worldwide, and the feminine principle is not only dismissed as unimportant, it is often vilified as evil, wicked, or a sign of weakness.

Take a look around.  The world’s dominant cultures all emphasize the importance of winning, acquiring material possessions, the imperative rights of the individual, and the supremacy of the male as seen in religion, government, and business.  These are all hallmarks of the masculine principle and naturally lead to the use of violence to resolve disagreements, the unquestioned victory of the strongest, and right of the winner to use the spoils of war as they see fit.  They also create a people who will easily loose balance as they put physical and material pursuits over spiritual.

What is missing from most places in our world today is consideration of the feminine principle, which values consensus instead of winning, inner peace and harmony, acting for the greatest good of all, and equality between males and females.  A strong emphasis of the feminine principle will place importance on a less-material lifestyle.

And while men and women each embody both the masculine and feminine principles in varying degrees, energetically and physiologically, women are wired to be the carriers of the feminine principle.  But over the last three or four millennia, the role of women in the life of our planet has been minimalized.  Our deities no longer have feminine faces, our governments and businesses have an unequal representation of women in their ranks, and the feminine values of inner wisdom and guidance are often written off to everything from emotional issues to the whisperings of the devil. 

For our world to survive and all her people to prosper, we need balance at every level.  Physically, emotionally, culturally, environmentally, you name it.  There are any number of ways to start and this website offers you ways to explore ideas, engage in discussion, or take small actions that will change the world.  Thank you for caring.