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The sustainability of Planet Earth is at risk right now because one of her species, Homo sapiens, has spread like a virus across the land using and abusing all in its path.  Completely out of balance physically, emotionally, and culturally, we humans are headed toward destruction and appear to be taking the rest of the world with us.  It is time to work at every level possible to reclaim balance in our cultures, our planet, and especially our people.  Understanding is key, so here are places to start.

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 Reclaiming the Balance that Heals

If we want to reclaim balance in our world, we need to start with reclaiming balance in our bodies and our lives. Are we happy with our level of physical health and stamina? Are we living balanced, joyful lives? Are we mentally sharp regardless of age? Vicki Matthews is a naturopathic physician who teaches Energy Medicine as an important way of bringing balance to our being. Her website features free downloadable articles and DVDs available for sale.

The Goddess Letters

The Goddess Letters
is a story of love, faith, and equality, and one man’s unfolding relationship with each. A testament to passion of all kinds, it celebrates those who have the courage to discard the new in favor of the old, be it love, beliefs, or entire civilizations.

Reclaiming Balance: An Image Blog dedicated to Cultural Wholeness

Active Monday through Friday, this blog features the marriage of beautiful visual images to profound quotes that highlight aspects of reclaiming balance for ourselves, our people, and our planet.  Commentary and suggesitons are included.

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